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Integration Service

Standards-based data integration capability.


Graphic of a man standing on a pad with blocks and a light bulb floating aroundThe NDP Integration was developed to support innovation projects and their desire to integrate emerging cloud-based technology services with existing NHS Scotland infrastructure. It is a collection of teams, technologies and processes across Scotland which provide a set of secure, standards-based interfaces to allow your application to communicate with cornerstone NHS Scotland systems.

Why use it?

Integration in health and care systems can be very complex. The NDP Integration Service aims to simplify this by doing all the heavy lifting for you.

Who can use it?

The NDP Integration Service is for people who deliver technology solutions that aim to improve health and social care in Scotland.

There is an application and governance process to use the service, that the NDP team can support you with.

Get started with this service

To start working with this service get in touch and tell us more about your project and organisation.

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