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Update or view vaccination records.

In production


The Clinical Data Repository (CDR) holds structured clinical data for people in Scotland.

Vaccination data recorded through the Vaccination Management Tool (VMT) and GP IT systems is recorded on the CDR. The CDR is the most accurate source of vaccination data.

It currently supports the following vaccination types:

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19)
  • influenza
  • pneumococcal
  • shingles

Why use it?

The Vaccination API provides a standards-based (FHIR) interface to the CDR in Scotland.

Developers can use this service to integrate their software applications to provide patient vaccination functionality. This is typically to present a list of vaccinations for a patient in an application or, if an application captures structured vaccination information, to maintain a patient’s vaccination record in the CDR.

This API allows you to:

  • look-up vaccinations for a patient by Community Health Index (CHI) number
  • look-up patient vaccination details by specific vaccination identifier
  • create a new vaccination record for a patient
  • update an existing vaccination record for a patient

Who can use it?

People approved to access and use vaccination information can use the Vaccination API. The NDP team can help with the required application and governance process.

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