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NDP Launchpad

Launch NDP-enabled applications in patient context


Graphic of a rocket taking off from a launch padThe National Digital Platform provides data, services and products to support health and care in Scotland. As the platform develops there is a need for users and data consumers to have a single way to access these various offerings from within their cornerstone applications such as:

  • Patient administration systems

  • Care home client administration systems

  • Clinical portals

Launch in patient context

The NDP Launchpad is an interface which allows this simple integration. Released in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde in October 2022, it allows TrakCare users to navigate directly to a record in the Turas Stroke Assessment application without the need for logging in or searching again for the patient.

Why use it?

The NDP Launchpad simplifies the workflow for users moving between applications. Making this transition more efficient allows clinicians to spend more time with patients and less time navigating digital systems.

Who can use it?

All regional NHS Health Boards can enquire about implementing the Launchpad for existing NDP applications, such as:

  • Family Nurse Partnership

  • Vaccination Management Tool

  • Stroke Assessment

  • Trauma Application

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