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Identity and access management (IAM)

Enables secure access to services and data as and when required.


Illustration of a globe with 3 avatars and a padlock floating on topIdentity and access management (IAM) combines technology and assurance processes that enable people to safely access services and data when they need to.

This involves:

  • a trusted digital identity for every user
  • convenient and secure authentication or 'sign-in'
  • services that can determine what a person can do, and what data they can access
  • a record of access to data, by whom and for what purpose

The public sector in Scotland is made up of different organisations who work together, to provide services to the public. This has resulted in a diverse and complex identity management landscape. National Digital Platform (NDP) simplifies some of this complexity, by providing the following:

Workforce identity management service

Provides identity and authentication services, allowing users to securely and consistently sign-in.

Audit service

Ensures that access and modification of patient data is recorded and can be analysed for suspicious activity.

Why use it?

We have done the hard work, so you don’t have to. Using the IAM service helps you to:

  • build solutions that improve care and wellbeing
  • authenticate users to your solution using an existing identity, if they work in the NHS

Who can use it?

There is an application and governance process to be undertaken by those wishing to use the service that the NDP team can support you with.

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